Discover Amsterdam and its beautiful surroundings in a unique way. Experience the luxury of touring and strolling in an American convertible.

Cabriotours offers you that possibility!

You can choose a Cadillac, the ultimate American icon or perhaps a bit more modest a modern Chrysler convertible. In a very comfortable way, the beautiful landscape passes you and you are presented with the highlights of the Amsterdam environment. You will certainly remember this unique experience for a long time to come!

Maximum enjoyment!

Our cars are also perfectly fit for a wedding, gala, party or any other special occasion.

From chic to pure romance to Rock ‘n’ Roll, a Cadillac has it all!

Fantastic service

Cabriotours values a small-scale setup, exclusivity and a personal approach. Special knowledge of the city of Amsterdam, the Dutch landscape  and our talent for hospitality guarantee you tailor-made solutions.


Cadillac Eldorado convertible

If you are looking for a real eye-catcher, consider our spacious “Eldo”, which seats as many as 6 people! It measures 224.1 inches long, 80 inches wide, 5300 lb. and has a powerful 500 ci. V8 engine.

Chrysler Sebring convertible

The Chrysler comes from a more modern generation and is suitable for 4 people. Despite its comfortable size, this car is more modest than a Cadillac in every respect. This also applies to the costs and it possible for us to offer journeys in this car at a more attractive price.

Cadillac Coupe De Ville triple white

If the weather conditions are not ideal for driving with the convertible top down or if you just prefer a closed car, we can accommodate it with a coupe. Built in 1976, even 6 inches longer than the Eldorado, and with a classic color and appearance, it is ideal for weddings and gala's.

Amsterdam by night

You may wonder if the Dutch climate is too wet to drive a convertible. However, the weather in Dutch summers is mostly dry! Even in the wintertime, with the right clothing, our the fleece blankets and fur hats on board, you can make a nightly city tour at 50 °F/6 °C  in a very comfortable way. In fact, the evenings, especially summers, are perfect for driving around Amsterdam.